ShareCam is a simple and private way to share pictures and video with your family.


First steps. First words. First… anything?

These are the things your 387 "friends" DON'T need to see on a news feed.


It's not about the social graph, suggested friends, apps, likes or public profiles.

It's about sharing private moments with your family.

Share your life with the people who care about you.

Send photos and HD video.

Use our iOS app to send high quality photos and video. When you send something, all of your subscribers get an e-mail with a link to the video on your ShareCam page.

Your data is yours.

You own your photos & video, we don’t. Close your account and export your data anytime. We won't even try to trick you into keeping your account in hibernation.

Know exactly who you’re sharing with.

ShareCam doesn't have complicated friends lists you have to figure out, it's just the one group of people. Simplified sharing means you know exactly who receives your photos & video. We even show you (and everybody on your ShareCam page) who has seen what.

Using a paid service has benefits.

We’re offering you a simple paid service and guarantee that we won’t sell you out to advertisers. There will never be any ads in ShareCam and we will not sell your information or data.

Simple Pricing $12/year

This is not a recurring charge and we'll never automatically re-bill you. Unlimited use for paying customers.

Share your first 12 photos & videos free.

Build Your Family Page Now!

Free to sign up. No credit-card required.

A letter from the founders…

Well hey there! We're Jeff and Paul, two web entrepreneurs from Canada. ShareCam first started out in 2010 as a side-project and has been in the Apple App Store ever since. The way we ended up using ShareCam ourselves was primarily as a private family sharing tool so that we could send videos to family members living in different parts of the world. We both have young kids and wanted to share the special moments with grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins, etc.

We re-released ShareCam in January 2015 with a focus on family sharing by adding some features that make it easy to send your photos & videos to everybody at once. You upload a photo or video and everybody gets an e-mail with a link to view it on your ShareCam page. It's awesome.

We're not the anti-Facebook, ShareCam is just a separate space that is simple and lets you share those extra special moments that maybe aren't meant for your ex-coworker or elementary school classmates.

We charge for the ShareCam service because it is a way that we can keep our costs covered without resorting to advertisements or selling user data to advertisors. We were able to price ShareCam in a way that is straightforward and makes it reasonable enough to have as many families use it as possible.

Please sign up and try out ShareCam for free. There is no charge for your first 12 sends and if you have any feedback or criticism please send it to us here.